Watch: Polly Toynbee vs George Osborne – ‘the idea that he’s a centrist!’

Watch: Polly Toynbee vs George Osborne – 'the idea that he's a centrist!'
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In recent years, George Osborne has attempted to rebrand himself. Once known as the austere chancellor, the Evening Standard editor is keen to be depicted these days as a liberal progressive – who has more in common with Emmanuel Macron than Boris Johnson. The problem is that many of those who regard themselves as progressive don't feel the same way. As was displayed on Newsnight when Grauniad hack Polly Toynbee launched a broadside on the former chancellor:

'This man has done such harm and damage to the country. He has been the most right wing chancellor we have ever had.

Nor do I think your ideas are in the centre. The idea that he's a centrist. I mean you can talk about gay marriage – you'd never have done gay marriage if Labour hadn't done civil partnerships. If that's all you can find that was progressive.'

Mr S will leave readers to decide who won that spat.

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