Watch: protestors try to stop Boris meeting the Queen

Watch: protestors try to stop Boris meeting the Queen
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Boris Johnson may have been elected by Tory members and become leader of the Conservative party, but until he finally meets the Queen in Buckingham Palace he is not, constitutionally, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Which explains why some, clearly still hoping to stave off his premiership, made a desperate bid to stop him from reaching Her Majesty this afternoon.

As Boris's car made its way up The Mall, flanked by police motorcycles, a team of protestors attempted to form a human chain to prevent him from proceeding. The group then unfurled a banner which read 'Climate Emergency'.

Unfortunately for the protestors though, it seemed that the police didn't have much time for their demonstration, which was hastily broken up as several protestors were bundled to the side of the road.

Mr S notes we haven't heard much from Philip Hammond since his resignation, could he have possibly donned a red shirt?

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