Watch: Rachel Johnson compares Change UK to the royal birth

Watch: Rachel Johnson compares Change UK to the royal birth
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When things don't go to plan, it's natural to use stories to put things into context. Theresa May earlier this week compared her flagging Brexit deal to Liverpool's surprise comeback against Barcelona. While on This Week, the new Change UK MEP candidate, Rachel Johnson, sought to find a way to put her fledgling party's woes into context.

When asked by host Andrew Neil why she had moved from the Lib Dems, when her new party seemed to be on life support, and asked if she was theĀ first rat to join a sinking ship, Johnson surprisingly tried to compare the Independent Group's 'teething issues' to the royal birth, saying:

'I'm going to mention Meghan's birth. She had a lovely idea that she was going to have a home birth at Frogmore cottage, in the end she was medevaced to the Portland.'

Undeterred by Andrew Neil, who tried to steer the conversation away, and ignoring the pained expression of everyone else in the room, Johnson continued to say:

'The birth of a new party in this political climate is always going to be rocky.'

Watch here:

Mr S isn't sure the Duchess of Sussex, nor Archie Harrison will enjoy being compared to the Change UK disaster...

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