Watch: Rod Liddle vs People’s Vote campaign boss

Watch: Rod Liddle vs People's Vote campaign boss
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Brexit has turned into a 'mis-selling scandal', according to Tom Baldwin from the People's Vote campaign, who popped up on Newsnight last night to talk about the imminent danger of a no-deal Brexit. Baldwin was on the programme alongside Rod Liddle. And – somewhat unsurprisingly – it's safe to say that the pair didn't see eye-to-eye on Brexit. Here is how their exchange unfolded:

Rod Liddle: What do you call it? What's the phrase you give to the people's vote these days? Of course, it's the people's vote because the people who voted the first time...

Tom Baldwin: No, the people voted last time as well. But the people have been let down. Let the people decide this.

RL: Brexit hasn't been the problem. The ineptitude of the politicians and also the deliberate betrayal by some of those politicians has been the problem. There has been no inherent problem with Brexit.

Mr S. knows whose side he is on...

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