Watch: Rory Stewart calls for a new parliament to bring Boris down

Watch: Rory Stewart calls for a new parliament to bring Boris down
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The results of the first round of the Tory leadership election are in, with Boris Johnson achieving a resounding victory over his rivals in his bid to be the next prime minister. Further behind was his colleague Rory Stewart, who managed to make it through to the next stage after reaching 19 votes.

The international development secretary was certainly in a triumphant mood after the result, but already seemed to be thinking about the possibility of  a Prime Minister Johnson.  Asked by Sky's Beth Rigby what he'd do if Boris attempted to prorogue parliament, to allow Britain to leave the EU without a deal on 31 October, Stewart said it would be a 'unconstitutional, improper, really disturbing suggestion', and in response:

'If he were to try, I and every other member of parliament, will sit across the road in Methodist Central Hall and we will hold our own session of parliament and we will bring him down. Because you do not, ever, lock the doors on parliament...'

Watch here:

Considering Stewart is trying to portray himself as the 'realist' candidate in a field of 'fairytale stories', Mr S isn't sure calling for an alternative parliament across the road from the House of Commons is really the best look...

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