Watch: Sky’s Adam Boulton clashes with Trump campaigner

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It certainly doesn’t seem like things are calming down in America anytime soon, after the recent mob takeover of Capitol Hill. At least Mr S got that sense when tuning in to Sky News today. On the show, Sky’s Adam Boulton was speaking from Washington to Erin Elmore, a former Trump campaign spokesperson, who was dialling in from Jupiter, Florida.

The interview began civilly enough, as the pair discussed the recent invasion of the Capitol building and acts of violence which had taken place. It didn’t take long though for the discussion to become rather heated as Elmore attempted to link the Senate invasion to the violence in US cities during the Black Lives Matter protests. Soon enough, Boulton was being asked to ‘disavow all violence’ and told nothing he was saying was ‘grounded in fact’.

Boulton presumably didn’t then help things by suggesting that Jupiter resident Elmore was indeed living on another 'very strange' planet.

Watch the full exchange here:

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