Watch: Speaker attacks Labour MP’s ‘disgraceful behaviour’

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Avid PMQs watchers will have spotted an odd occurrence in the Commons just now. Speaker Lindsay Hoyle chastised the Labour MP Chris Bryant, shooing him away and admonishing him for his 'disgraceful behaviour'. But what was the set-to all about? 

Apparently, Hoyle's former opponent in the election for the speakership last year had been standing in the door of the voting lobby. Unhappy that the Rhondda MP was blocking a door, supposedly open for Covid ventilation, he tried to signal for Bryant to move. 

There was then a standoff in which Bryant pulled faces and allegedly even swore at the Speaker, perhaps why Hoyle then suggested a Labour whip go and have a word with the clearly agitated MP. Feisty stuff from the former challengers.

Bryant is down to ask a question in the Commons shortly — Mr S will be watching carefully to see if he makes an appearance...

Update: No word from Bryant or the Deputy Speaker just now so we are none the wiser.

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