Watch: Stella Creasy clashes with Nick Ferrari over wolf whistling

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Wolf-whistling isn't a crime, but one Labour MP seems to think it should be. Stella Creasy clashed with Nick Ferrari on LBC this morning on the issue. Ferrari asked Creasy whether a builder should be criminalised for wolf-whistling at a woman. Here is her response:

'I'd really hope in the same way if someone uses a racially abusive or religiously abusive term we don't send them to prison but we do take action and we do say that that's not okay. What we are talking about doing is equalising that, so you would record that in the same way you record racial or religious abuse but obviously there is a spectrum here. But misogyny is also behind sexual violence towards women and murder.'

After Ferrari suggested Creasy had 'jumped straight from wolf-whistling to murder', the Labour MP then doubled down:

'I'm simply saying in terms of hate crime...where women are made to feel unwelcome, shouldn't we want to know where that is?'

Mr S thinks that Creasy is right that making people feel 'unwelcome' isn't nice, but should the police really be recording wolf-whistling?

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