Watch: Steve Baker savages Theresa May’s Brexit plan

Watch: Steve Baker savages Theresa May's Brexit plan
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Theresa May's nightmare Monday morning is going from bad to worse. Steve Baker, who followed David Davis out of the exit door at the Brexit department, has savaged the Prime Minister's Chequers plan on the Daily Politics. When asked whether the Brexit blueprint was delivering Brexit in name only, he had this to say:

'The problem with this particular Brexit is that it will not allow us to have proper control over what goes on in the United Kingdom. We need to get out from treaty obligations that automatically oblige parliament to accept any particular rules and instead be in a position where what we do it is a matter for us.'

So why didn't Baker speak out sooner? He made it clear that David – and the Brexit department – had been kept in the dark about the PM's Brexit blueprint. And now it is out in the open, the plan is not going down well:

'What has happened here is that we have all been blindsided by this policy. We were preparing a White Paper which did not accord with what was put to the Cabinet at Chequers. The White Paper we were working on reflected the series of speeches which the Prime Minister made and, has been said, this is a significant evolution from that'.

Oh dear...

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