Watch: Stop the War blames America – not North Korea

Watch: Stop the War blames America – not North Korea
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In recent months, North Korea have fired missiles over Japan, tested a hydrogen bomb and boasted of expanding their nuclear programme to the extent that they could destroy parts of America. So, with that in mind, Mr S was grateful for the chance to hear the sound figures at Stop the War discuss ethical foreign policy at a fringe event on Monday night.

Andrew Murray – Corbyn's close ally and Unite official – spoke (in a strictly personal capacity) at the event. he used his appearance to blast a leader who 'could plunge the world into unimaginable catastrophe'. Only he wasn't talking about Kim Jong-Un. No, he meant Presient Trump – natch:

'Trump's speech at the United Nations reminded me of those comic books all full of bluster, rocket men and infantile rhetoric. He could plunge the world into unimaginable catastrophe.'

As for North Korea, they may be 'provocative' but Murray says they are only responding to the Iraq war:

'There's the threats over North Korea. Now North Korea's own conduct is often provocative and belligerent and I don't defend it's rhetoric, but this is the country that has learnt a lesson from the Iraq war. Not one we'd like it to learn but a lesson – that Iraq got invaded because it did not have nuclear weapons of mass destruction so to be threatened continually by the Americans you go out and get them.'

Stop the War's Lindsey German echoed a similar message – suggesting North Korea's antics paled in comparison to what America did every year:

'Let's face it, the North Koreans are testing some missiles most weeks, the Americans test something like a thousand missiles a year, the Indians and Pakistanis test nuclear weapons, nobody puts sanctions on them, nobody threatens them with war.'

Viva la revolución!

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