Peter Hoskin

We want a referendum

We want a referendum
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I Want a Referendum have released the results to the referenda they conducted in ten marginal constituencies. The numbers say it all. 150,000 people registered their votes. 88 percent of them want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. And 89 percent don't think the Treaty should be approved by Parliament.

There can be no clearer message for the Government and the Lib Dems. They've both underestimated the strength of public feeling on this. And we can expect numerous MPs to beat a nervous retreat from their parties' ludicrous positions, ahead of Wednesday's vote on a Conservative amendment calling for a referendum. In the meantime, it's all more grist for Cameron's anti-Westminster grindstone.

UPDATE:  Pro-referendum protestors have unfurled "Referendum Now" and "Give Us Our Vote" banners at the top of a crane in Parliament Square.