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Welcome to my new blog

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I’ve always rather liked the idea of blogging, as it seems – from the available evidence – to be motivated by two qualities I have a lot of time for: narcissism and spite. So I hope that this new blog of mine comes, in time, to be the very apogee and spitefulness and narcissism, on as broad an agenda as possible.

I’ll be writing here every day, just about, and look forward to discussing stuff with you in an open, democratic and interactive medium. The man from Hounslow, for example, who regularly writes me letters addressed to that “filthy jew-boy Ron Little” will now be able to save himself the price of a stamp. The more objectionable, then, the better.

A while ago some columnists – led by the perpetually idiotic Yasmin Alibhai Brown – started whining that bloggers were being terribly nasty to them and it really shouldn’t be allowed. The good thing about blogging is that it undercuts the epic self-importance of scribblers such as me and Yasmin, and brings a whole new self-importance of its own. It is a commitment to you, the reader, that I pledge that I will be vile about Yasmin at least once a month and the even more idiotic Janet Street-Porter even more frequently. Nothing is off limits.

More seriously, at a time when there is a weird consensus among our politicians upon a whole range of issues – race, immigration, education, climate change, Islam, equal rights, health and safety, public spending – which is at odds with the view of the majority of the population, this might be one small artillery post from which we can strafe our masters.