Fraser Nelson

What a difference two years makes

What a difference two years makes
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“Did he know who you were? I mean, not to be disrespectful, but he has been away for two and a half years...” So Five Live’s Phil Wiliams asked David Miliband who was talking about his conversation with Peter Moore who has just been released from Iraqi captivity. Brilliant image. The guy gets out of prison, then there’s a call from this nerdy Blairite bag carrier claiming to be foreign secretary. Yegawds, he’d say, what’s happened? Worse, Gordon Brown had become Prime Minister and irreparably trashed the British economy in the space of 24 months. Britain has now joined Zimbabwe in printing money to fund state spending.

At the end of the interview, Williams asked Milliband if Moore was coming back to the UK immediately – it seems not. And who could blame him? There are plenty of secure, properly-run countries out there, with proper governments which are not saddling their taxpayers will decades worth of debt. As the 1,000-a-day Brits who emigrate can tell you, there is another option.