Peter Hoskin

What Brown hopes to sweep under the G20 carpet

What Brown hopes to sweep under the G20 carpet
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George Osborne got it right yesterday - Lord Myners needs to provide a convincing response to Sir Tom McKillop's letter or resign.  But, as of yet, we've had neither outcome.  Indeed, all we've heard is a denial from Alistair Darling that the latest revelations make Myners' position unsustainable, and some waffle from Gordon Brown about how Fred Goodwin's pension is now a matter for UKFI.  There have been similar evasions in the case of Jacqui Smith.

You've got to wonder whether Brown hopes the G20 will make these issues go away, or whether he's purposefully holding off until after the festivites are over.  If it's the former, then it's a dubious approach.  You feel that these political scandals will not be forgotten swiftly or easily, and the public will expect some form of resolution in quick time. 

That's why Cameron was right to lead on expenses in PMQs earlier. The questions may not have matched the international atmosphere in Westminster today. But they will be all too relevant in a few days time.