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What does it mean to go ‘full tonto’?

What does it mean to go ‘full tonto’?
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The wild one

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said that Vladimir Putin had gone ‘full tonto’. The word tonto is used in Spanish for ‘stupid’ or ‘foolish’, but one of its suggested origins has a meaning which would perhaps go down better with Putin himself. Tonto was used by Apache Indians as a term for the Western Apaches – mean ‘wild ones’. It went on to become the name of a native-American character in the 1930s radio show The Lone Ranger – later a TV series.

The colour of money

What will sanctions on the Russian economy mean? Potential losses in US dollars:

Largest Russian exports in 2019:

Crude petroleum $123bn

Refined petroleum $66bn

Gas $26bn

Coal $18bn

Wheat $8bn


Largest imports:

Cars $11bn

Medicines $10bn

Vehicle parts $8bn

Broadcasting equipment $7bn

Aircraft $5bn


Largest trading partners:

a) Exports

China $58bn

Netherlands $42bn

Belarus $21bn

Germany $19bn

Italy $17bn


b) Imports

China $47bn

Germany $30bn

Belarus $13bn

US $9bn

Italy $9bn


Dr Strangelove

Who has the most nuclear warheads, according to estimates by US scientists?

Russia 5,977

US 5,428

China 350

France 290

UK 225

Pakistan 165

India 160

Israel 90

North Korea 20

Of the world’s 12,700 nuclear warheads, more than 9,400 are currently in military stockpiles for use by missiles, aircraft, ships and submarines.

Source: Federation of American Scientists