Brendan O’Neill

What Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand about Brexit

What Hillary Clinton doesn't understand about Brexit
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Is anyone else watching Hillary Clinton’s whirlwind trip to the UK and thinking to themselves: ‘Thank God she didn’t become president?’

All her worst traits have been on display. Her arrogance. Her penchant for lecturing foreign countries (in this case ours). Her harebrained conspiracy theories. Her belief that loads of people are racists — or ‘deplorables’, as she once put it. Can’t we organise a protest or something? I’ll make the placards. ‘GO HOME, HILLARY.’

She’s here with her daughter Chelsea — the dictionary should replace its definition of the word nepotism with just a photograph of Chelsea Clinton — to promote their book, The Book of Gutsy Women.

That’s clearly how Hillary and Chelsea see themselves. As gutsy women. I guess it does take a great deal of courage to live in vast mansions and earn £190k ($250k) for a speech to filthy-rich bankers about diversity or whatever. I wonder if the numerous women adversely affected (to put it politely) by the various Hillary-cheered wars in the Middle East think the Clintons are gutsy? Someone should ask them.

From the moment she arrived, Hillary has been insulting Britain and its people. She’s called into question the wisdom of our democratic vote to leave the EU. She is ‘concerned’ about where the the UK is heading. You shouldn’t ‘separate yourself from Europe’, she said. ‘Democracies need to stick together.’

We’re not separating ourselves from Europe, Hillary. We’re separating ourselves from the EU. Europe is a vast continent that has existed for aeons; the EU is a bloated, bureaucratic nightmare that has only existed, in its current form, since 1993. We’ll be fine.

Also, speaking of ‘democracies’ — we voted to leave, and that’s why we’re leaving. That’s how democracy works: you lost the 2016 presidential election and your Euro-chums lost the 2016 EU referendum.

Warming to her theme that Britain is in a dark place right now, Hillary called on the government to release the report about alleged Russian interference in UK politics.

This is the unpublished intelligence analysis that has caused a frenzy of whispers and rumours among Remainers and leftists who are increasingly convinced, a la Joseph McCarthy, that Russians are hiding in plain sight in the UK and are puppeteering our politicians. We’re ruled by the Kremlin Konservative party, these mad chattering-class conspiracy theorists claim.

Hillary has never seen an anti-Russian conspiracy theory she didn’t love, so it’s no surprise that she has leapt upon this story. It is ‘inexplicable and shameful’ that the government hasn’t released the report, she says. Apparently ‘there is a lot of evidence’ that Russia played a role in the vote for Brexit.

Oh, really? Where? Of course she is saying the same — still — about Donald Trump’s victory. She’s still banging that tattered drum. She told the Today programme that she ‘has no doubt of the role that Russia played’ in the US elections.

Even though the Mueller report found little evidence for that. Even though many of the Russian bots stories have been exaggerated. For Hillary and other members and supporters of the old, exhausted liberal elite, Russia has become the explanation for everything that doesn’t go their way.

Hillary can’t accept that many people just didn’t want to vote for her, just as some hardcore Remainers can’t accept they lost the referendum fair and square. And so like modern-day McCarthyites they weave increasingly mad tales about the Kremlin polluting American and British people’s minds and reducing us to the unwitting playthings of the Putin regime.

It’s insane. It brings to mind a line from a very good Matt Taibbi piece in Rolling Stone on Hillary’s never ending Russia obsession: ‘Hillary Clinton is nuts.’

Anti-Russian hysteria is the comfort blanket liberal-elite losers on both sides of the Atlantic wrap around themselves to avoid having to confront the question of why they are so unpopular with vast swathes of the public.

And Hillary still wasn’t done. She then had a pop at our press and at social-media users for their supposedly racist and sexist treatment of Meghan Markle.

She says there is ‘absolutely’ a racist element to the criticisms of the duchess. It is ‘heartbreaking and wrong’, she says. All Meghan did was fall in love with Harry, and him with her and you dim Brits ‘should be celebrating that’.

Erm, we did. There were big celebrations when they got married. Everyone liked her. Until she started spouting woke nonsense and banging on about climate change in between taking private-jet trips to the South of France. I hate to break it to you, Hillary, but Brits don’t take kindly to being lectured by PC Americans.

So we aren’t racist. We aren’t deplorable. We aren’t the mental slaves of the new Russian empire. We’ve just had enough of out-of-touch elites looking down on us. And in that spirit: please go home, Hillary.