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What is Blears’ next shot?

What is Blears' next shot?
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Hazel Blears capacity for detonation is not yet exhausted. Shot one was "YouTube if you want to", shot two - some argue - was her leaking of Jacqui Smith's resignation plan. Shot three her resignation right before PMQs, which one senior government source has described to me as a "rank betrayal" coming ahead of the election. And might shot four be a personal statement to the House, a Geoffrey Howe style salvo? If so, that may be enough. Remember the women are the ones with the balls in the Labour party. Let's see what they can do in the next few days.

UPDATE: Word from Chipmunk Central is that she's heading for Salford and won't say more today. To do so, pre-election, may be seen by Labour as treason. But after polling closes, I suspect, it's open season.

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