Peter Hoskin

What is Des Browne thinking?

What is Des Browne thinking?
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I’ve always found it shocking that British troops are sent into combat with inadequate equipment – not least because it costs lives. That’s why today’s High Court ruling should be welcomed. Invoking the human rights of servicemen could – to some extent – safeguard against future tragedies.

Even so, Des Browne’s fighting the decision tooth-and-nail. Here’s his response

“Our troops are very well equipped, there have been great improvements made because we found ourselves two years ago in a very difficult and changing environment.


They are as well equipped as anywhere else in the world.  This criticism is a dated criticism from a different time is not applicable to the troops currently deployed.” 

It doesn’t make much sense. If British troops are now universally well-equipped, what’s the MoD got to worry about? Perhaps CoffeeHousers can explain.