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What is Tory policy on Europe?

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Fraser says there's plenty to fight for on the Great European Question and, in many ways, I'm sure he's right. But what is Tory policy in the event that Lisbon is ratified before the election? That may be a hypothetical, but it's not an unreasonable one. It deserves a clear answer.

I'm struck too by what Cameron said in his interview with Fraser in this week's edition of the magazine:

The whole Conservative party has had the benefit of learning the mistake Blair made - having a mandate and not using it. Not actually using your early months to demonstrate how you can transform a country... There are some things you can do very quickly. There are some easy wins.

Meanwhile, though I tend to be suspicious of political movements, it's encouraging to see that 95% of the peeps responding to a ConservativeHome survey say they favour a comprehensive Civil Liberties bill early in the next parliament. Less encouragingly, there's no mention of anything like or even related to this subject in Cameron's Sunday Telegraph article today. I share Henry Porter's fear that, once they have their paws on the levers of power and coercion, the Tories will disappoint on this too. It would be very nice to be wrong about this. Tell me why I am, however...

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