What is wrong with Kamala Harris?

What is wrong with Kamala Harris?
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The concerns about Joe Biden’s age and cognitive faculties are well established. And if Biden has to step down, we all know what comes next: his vice-president Kamala Harris will become Commander-in-Chief.

But is Harris all there herself? Some clips from this week of her trying to excite children about science suggest the answer is no.

Yikes. What is going on there? Is Kamala Harris, er, high? Harris was speaking to the children as part of her role as Chair of the National Space Council. She certainly sounds spaced. The full video is even more jarring to watch:

A charitable explanation might be that she is trying too hard to sound enthused about science for the benefit of the kids. But there is something too manic about her performance, a desperation which suggests a deeper problem. Something is not right with the woman who is one heartbeat away from the presidency.

Harris has struggled to carve out a fitting role in the Biden Administration. She was supposed to stop migration to the southern border, but now she skips the relevant meetings. She was made the point-person on vaccinations, now half of America thinks Pfizer’s shots are filled with heavy metals and brain-eating worms. She is, in other words, a disaster. Steerpike recalls that she struggled to crack two per cent in the polls despite desperate press adulation. Americans must be praying that Joe Biden’s health holds up.

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