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What more is there to come?

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Martin Bright has a typically excellent column in the New Statesman about this whole fundraising scandal. Here’s the key graf:

“Claims that no one but Watt knew what was going on are already unravelling. As the story broke, one former Labour fundraiser told me: "It just doesn't wash. You make it your business to know your high-value donors in the same way a detective gets to know his suspects. It is inconceivable that people didn't know who David Abrahams was." And so it proved to be over the hours that followed: Baroness Jay knew enough to warn Hilary Benn not to touch the money from an Abrahams intermediary; Tony Blair's agent John Burton knew him, and now, it is revealed, so did Brown's chief fundraiser, Jon Mendelsohn. Harriet Harman's decision to take money from an Abrahams employee raises disturbing questions about her judgement. Her husband, the Labour Party treasurer Jack Dromey, also needs to clarify what he knew and when.”

Since this story first broke there has been a continuous drip-drip of information. If this continues, it will corrode trust in this government even further. The Labour party need to clear the decks if it is to recover from this scandal.

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James Forsyth is Political Editor of the Spectator. He is also a columnist in The Sun.

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