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What’s on today at Labour conference: The Spectator guide

What's on today at Labour conference: The Spectator guide
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Labour is back in Brighton for the party’s annual conference. Here is the pick of the fringe events for the day:

9:45: Morning Plenary Session:

Rebuilding public services

12:35: Votes

12:45: Break

14:00: Afternoon Plenary Session:

Rebuilding public services

17:20: Votes

Fringe events: 

11:00: Taking on Brexit and the Climate Emergency

Melanie Smallman (chair), Hilary Benn MP, Seb Dance MEP, Anna McMorrin MP, Mike Buckley, Director of Remain & Reform; The Dome Room, Hotel du Vin

12:00: The Labour First Rally

Labour First; Queens Hotel

12:00: Rally for Remain (and Reform)

Baroness Jan Royall (chair), Tom Watson MP, Emily Thornberry MP, Keir Starmer MP, Claire Hanna MLA, Richard Corbett MEP, Hilary Benn MP, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP; Odeon

12:00: Basic Income as Common Dividends – Piloting a Transformative Policy. A Report for John McDonnell

Patrick Allen (chair), Dr Guy Standing, John McDonnell MP, Ed Miliband MP, Margaret Greenwood MP; Ashdown 2, Holiday Inn

12:30: Real Britain: Austerity, The Elephant in the Room

Kevin Maguire (chair), Laura Pidcock MP, Ros Wynne-Jones, Len McCluskey, anti-austerity campaign representatives; Charlotte, The Grand

12:45: The Aviation Interview – Can Aviation Achieve a Net Zero Carbon Future?

Kevin Schofield (chair), Andy McDonald MP; Osborne, Hilton Brighton Metropole

12:45 HuffPost UK in Conversation with Emily Thornberry, Shadow Foreign Secretary

Paul Waugh (chair), Emily Thornberry MP; Preston, Hilton Brighton Metropole

13:00: Britain’s Security: How would Labour Defend the UK and use our Influence Abroad?

Nia Griffith MP, Wayne David MP, Paul Mason; Glyndebourne 1, Holiday Inn

13:00: In Conversation with Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan; Attenborough and Birch, British Airways i360

13:30: Winning Back Labour’s Heartlands

Sienna Rodgers (chair), Jon Trickett MP, Ash Sarkar, Gloria de Piero; Pavillon, The Grand

15:00: Defending LGBT+ Rights in the Era of Populism

Durham Hall Room 2, Hilton Brighton Metropole

15:00: How to Beat the Brexit Party

Nick Lowles (chair), Louise Haigh MP, Laura Parker, Momentum, Rosie Carter, Hope Not Hate; Lancaster, Hilton Brighton Metropole

15:00: Fixing Finance – Regulating Banking as if People Matter

John McDonnell MP, Grace Blakeley, Ann Pettifor, Daniela Gabor, Sarah-Jayne Clifford

15:30: How Should Labour Approach Online Extremism?

Sienna Rodgers (chair), Tom Watson MP, Yvette Cooper MP, Sir Ivor Roberts, Ivana Bartoletti; Pavillion, The Grand

17:00: Remain and Transform: Our Programme For Changing Europe

Nadia Whittome (chair), Lloyd Russell Moyle MP, Ana Gomes MEP, Portuguese Socialist Party, Prof Mary Kaldor, Alex Sobel MP; Downstairs in the Underbelly, The Walrus

17:00: Impartiality Matters: Can Labour Trust the Civil Service?

Baroness Shami Chakrabarti (chair), Jon Trickett MP, Dave Penman, Catherine Haddon; Durham Hall Room 4, Hilton Brighton Metropole

17:15: #JCM4PM Rally – Investment Not Cuts, Time to End Tory Austerity

Steve Turner (chair), John McDonnell MP, Diane Abbott MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, Richard Burgon MP, Laura Pidcock MP, Grace Blakeley, Dave Ward, Rokhsana Fiaz; Charlotte, The Grand

17:30: The Big Ideas Debate With Ed Miliband: Delivering Environmental Justice

Ed Miliband MP, Fatima Zahra-Ibrahim, Beth Farhat, Anna Taylor, Tom Kibasi, Luke Murphy; Marine Room, Brighton Harbour Hotel

18:00: Young Labour Rally

Balmoral, Hilton Brighton Metropole

18:00: Securing Our Survival: Nuclear Disarmament in a time of Crisis

Kate Hudson (chair), David Lammy MP, Julie Ward MEP, Lloyd Russell Moyle MP, Emma Dent Coad MP, Rokhsana Fiaz, Roger McKenzie; St Paul’s Church

18:00: Paying for a Fairer Britain – Labour’s Tax Policy

Torsten Bell (chair), Anneliese Dodds MP, Rachel Reeves MP, Paul Johnson, IFS, James Meadway; Clarence, Hilton Brighton Metropole

18:00: The Rule of Law – Is Justice Under Attack?

Kate O’Rourke (chair), Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, Richard Burgon MP, Nick Thomas-Symonds MP, David Greene; Regent, The Grand

18:00: Progress Rally


18:30: Israel/Palestine: Occupation Law, Human Rights & the Rights of the Child

Theatre, Friends’ Meeting House

18:30: Let’s Talk About Palestine

Jenny Manson (chair), Haneen Zoabi, Ilan Pappe; Renaissance Suite, Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront

18:30: Brexit, The Good Friday Agreement, & Irish Unity

Chris Hazzard, Sinn Féin MP (chair), Michelle O’Neill MLA, Sinn Féin, Tony Lloyd MP, Dawn Foster; Stanmer Room, Brighthelm Centre

19:00: The Green Industrial Revolution Reception

Jake Sumner (chair), Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, Mike Clancy, Benj Sykes; The Dome Room, Hotel du Vin

19:00: Peterloo 200: Time to Embrace Proportional Representation

Owen Winter MP (chair), Emma Dent Coad MP, Clive Lewis MP, Laura Parker, Faiza Shaheen, John McDonnell ; St Nicholas Church

19:00: What if Labour Can’t Win Alone?

Neal Lawson (chair), Clive Lewis MP, Lisa Nandy MP, Caroline Lucas MP; Lancing 1, Holiday Inn

19:00: Open Labour Rally – ‘The Left’s Relationship with Europe’

Emma Burnell (chair), Clive Lewis MP, Anneliese Dodds MP, Rachel Shabi, Preet Gill MP, Paul Sweeney MP, Alex Sobel MP, Karen Buck MP, Rosie Duffield MP; Brighthelm Centre

19:00: Palestine in the Age of Trump: What Now for Freedom, Justice and Equality

Kamel Hawwash (chair), Diane Abbott MP, Lisa Nandy MP, Ben Jamal; Arundel 1, Holiday Inn

19:45: IPPR Drinks

John McDonnell MP; Marine Room, Brighton Harbour Hotel

19:45: PoliticsHome Quiz: Party Conference Edition!

Kevin Schofield; Osborne, Hilton Brighton Metropole

20:00: Association of Labour Councillors Annual Reception

Jeremy Corbyn, Cllr Nick Forbes; Skyline, Brighton Centre