Martin Bright

What the Party Leaders Are Saying

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I really enjoyed Anne McElvoy's Standard column today. She is absolutely right to identify the false notes of day one of the election campaign. Gordon Brown really was talking nonsense about his ordinary middle-class background and David Cameron should certainly drop the glottal stop. She is right to say that neither has any clarity of vision yet.

For what it's worth I agree with Kevin Maguire agreeing me that Labour looked more confident on day one and that the Tories seemed nervous. On day two, Cameron was beginning to get into his stride and Brown's interview with NIck Robinson was awful.

The wall-to-wall media coverage is almost all completely absorbing, generally well-executed and sometimes even informative. But i've already had several sneaking "so what" moments.

In the end I can't help thinking that Gordon Brown and David Cameron could each find the perfect aphorism to encapsulate their "offer" and still we wouldn't be convinced.