David Blackburn

What the polls say about the leaders’ debate

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More concrete information will emerge over the next few days, and it may be sensible to reserve judgement until then. But the polling data we have so far is unanimous: Nick Clegg walked it. Here are some of the polls:


Who performed best in the TV debates?

Clegg: 51 percent

Cameron: 29 percent

Brown: 19 percent

Com Res:

Who won the debate?

Clegg: 46 percent

Cameron: 26 percent

Brown 20: percent


Who won the leaders’ debate?

Clegg 61: percent

Cameron: 22 percent

Brown 17: percent

Angus Reid:

Who came out on top?

Clegg: 48 percent

Cameron: 20 percent

Brown: 18 percent

PS: As ever, Anthony Wells's analysis is a must read.