James Forsyth

What to look out for at PMQs

What to look out for at PMQs
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Today is the first PMQs of the new term. Given the Coalition, the whole thing will be a bit different from what we’re used to. The leader of the opposition will, as before, have six questions. But no other MP will have more than one question.  

There’ll be a couple of little things I’ll be keeping a particularly close eye on. During the opening of the Queen Speech debate last week, the front bench was so crowded that Nick Clegg was not really visible on the TV. Instead, Cameron appeared to be flanked by two Tories. It’ll be interesting to see if this leads to a slightly different seating arrangement today. I’ll also be watching to see if Clegg whispers advice to Cameron during it. Last week, it was Osborne — not Clegg — who was generally passing advice or suggestions on to Cameron.  

The derision the Lib Dems received from the Labour benches on the opening day of the Queen’s Speech debate, seemed to rally them behind the Coalition. I wonder if we’ll see Lib Dem MPs waving their order papers if Cameron gets the better of his Labour questioners.