What was Nigel Farage doing at the German embassy?

What was Nigel Farage doing at the German embassy?
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After Nigel Farage achieved his aim of taking Britain out of the EU, he announced that he would be stepping down as leader of Ukip. However, with the subsequent leadership race since facing several setbacks -- with Steven Woolfe ruled ineligible and Bill Etheridge now caught up in a viagra row -- many kippers are already missing the days of Farage.

While Farage has promised to stay closely involved with his party, could he be planning a German getaway? Mr S only asks after Farage -- whose wife Kirsten Mehr is German -- was apparently spotted in the queue at the German embassy yesterday:

Given that Farage is a man known for his dislike of the EU, his appearance ruffled feathers with some of the people who stood alongside him in the queue -- many hoping to secure dual-citizenship now that Britain is leaving the EU.

Although there could be several reasons behind Farage's visit, one passer-by -- by the name of Leonie Whitte -- has angrily taken to Facebook to speculate that he must have 'realised he really kinda screwed us over and is quickly trying to also get some dual citizenship'. She insists that if he is trying to get this, a petition ought to be started to 'NOT ALLOW THIS'.

Of course, Mr S is certain there is a perfectly reasonable explanation -- and has contacted Ukip for clarification.

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