Rod Liddle

What went wrong with our coronavirus response?

What went wrong with our coronavirus response?
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I am trying to work up sympathy for people who book a holiday abroad in the middle of a pandemic and are then surprised to discover they may end up in quarantine. Failing, so far. Still, I would rather we’d had the quarantine back in February and March, when it might genuinely have done some good.

Many of you, I know, think the whole thing an insanity, a kind of First World overreaction. I largely disagree. But whatever, I don’t think the government has handled the whole thing with terrific aplomb.

Tomorrow at four o’clock in the afternoon I’m hosting a debate about what went wrong. We’ll be hearing from medical experts, epidemiologists, academics etc. – and it would be good if your views were represented. The debate is to mark the launch of a book Pandemic – Where Did We Go Wrong – A Very Public Inquiry. I’ve written a chapter for it and so have some people who know stuff. You can attend the debate by clicking on the following link, or email a question. Brendan O’Neill is one of the panellists.