Rod Liddle

Who is more upset about Labour’s results: Starmer or the BBC?

Who is more upset about Labour's results: Starmer or the BBC?
Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images
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It’s not just the Labour party which is institutionally incapable of understanding why the Conservative party kicked the hell out of them in these elections. It is also, of course, the BBC.

The prime offender was — hold your breath in surprise — Emily Maitlis on Newsnight. Furlough and vaccines were the sole reason the Tories did well, according to this very affluent, metropolitan, liberal woman, who has a child in boarding school, natch. Dimbo voters again then, too dense to grasp the ‘realities'. But then there was Huw. There always is Mr Edwards. Conducting an interview with Labour’s Lucy Powell, he exuded sympathy and gratitude. No hard questions. Just ameliatory bilge.

I daresay that Sir Keir Starmer is aghast at the election results, although my guess is he expected them. But not so aghast as the BBC, which, in its political coverage, insists over and over again that it does not deserve to exist.

One more thing. Labour spokesmonkeys keep informing us that they need to ‘learn’ from these results. But they have been saying that for fifteen years and they never do. They de-learn instead.