Who’s the real whiff-waff wuss, Boris?

Who's the real whiff-waff wuss, Boris?
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That London Mayor has some cheek. In today's Daily Mail, Boris suggests that our occasional diarist Pippa Middleton has wimped out of the ping-pong match she challenged him to in the Spectator earlier this year. 'We have offered dates', he says, 'she has chickened.'

Au contraire, Boris. Here's what really happened. The Spectator hounded Boris's office to arrange the contest at our offices in 22 Old Queen Street, but Team Boris insisted that the match should be held at a venue of their choosing. Fine, said Pippa, who is a good a sport. Eventually a date was agreed — 12 September — but BJ pulled out. Fair enough, he's a busy man; the Spectator suggested that Team Boris propose another date, but things have gone very quiet at the City Hall end.

So who's chicken, really? Steerpike thinks it might be the blonde one. Still, a chance to make amends is fast approaching. The Mayor has kindly agreed to host our Parliamentarian of the Year Awards at The Savoy on 7 November. The Spectator has asked Miss Middleton if she might come, too. Perhaps a 'spontaneous' game of whiff-waff might ensue?

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