Rod Liddle

Who was the dad who confronted Boris Johnson?

Who was the dad who confronted Boris Johnson?
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The BBC PM programme today led on Boris Johnson’s discomfort when confronted by members of the public while out on press calls. A legitimate subject: Boris is neither nimble nor terribly empathetic. The story was tied to his confrontation today with a man in a hospital.

The presenter, Evan Davis, played an audio clip of this exchange, referring to the man as an 'angry father whose child has been very ill'.

This was then followed by an interview with a chap called Ramsay Jones, who knows about public campaigning, having worked for Rory Stewart. His first answer was that this whole thing represented the divide in society. If you’re a remainer, he said, you will think it was a concerned parent. If you’re a leaver, you’ll call him a socialist activist. Jones had not meant to do this, but Evan Davis was skewered. Anyway, jus sayin'.