Charles Moore

Why are we ignoring David Furnish?

Why are we ignoring David Furnish?
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Most Secret Agent of Empire: Reginald Teague-Jones, Master Spy of the Great Game

Taline Ter Minassian, translated from the French by Tom Rees

Hurst & Co, pp. 283, £

For some reason, possibly homophobic, the media just now is refusing to give any coverage to David Furnish, the spouse of Sir Elton John. I think they are trying to suppress an important argument that Mr Furnish made recently.

He pointed out how discriminatory it was that, unlike the wife of a titled man, he derives no title from his knighted spouse. He was too modest to say what title he should be given — and I must say I cannot think of a solution, since ‘Lady John’ would make him sound like the wife of the younger son of a duke — but it is the principle of the thing which matters.

Actually, Mr Furnish’s point goes wider than he recognises: the problem also afflicts the male spouses of titled women, such as Prince Philip. If he were a woman married to the King, the Prince would be the Queen.