Why can’t Tory MPs keep their clothes on?

Why can't Tory MPs keep their clothes on?
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The 2010 Tory intake is defined by ruthless ambition, a penchant for pamphlets and rampant Euroscepticism. But Mr S has spotted another unifying characteristic: posing in their swimwear.

First we had Penny Mordaunt, the Portsmouth MP, in a variety of cossies for her appearence of flop TV show Splash!

[caption id="attachment_8782581" align="alignnone" width="320"](Image: Daily Star) (Image: Daily Star)[/caption]

Then there was Bristol’s Charlotte Leslie, who has recreated the Baywatch pose she first struck fifteen years ago (above).

While it’s all for charity, perhaps it’s also a show of party loyalty, for Young Dave never seems to be out of his trunks. Look at those legs!

[caption id="attachment_8782601" align="alignnone" width="500"](Image: Getty) (Image: Getty)[/caption]

UPDATE: Mr Steerpike has remembered who started this craze in the first place...

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