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Why Charles Clarke might make a comeback

Why Charles Clarke might make a comeback
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Iain Dale has an interesting post up on the gossip amongst Westminster lobby correspondents that Charles Clarke might return to government this week. He writes that,

“None of us could come up with a reason why Gordon Brown would reward a man who has spent the last few months dissing him.”

But it is precisely because Clarke has been such a critic of Brown that he might return. What better way would there be for Gordon to show that he really is serious about this whole new ‘inclusive’ thing than by appointing a man who has been so critical of him to the cabinet?

If anyone is wondering whether Clarke would take a job from a man he’s called a “control freak” and accused of being “absolutely stupid”, the answer is yes. As he told The Times back in May when asked, "Yes is the answer to that question. I've enjoyed being in government... if it would be useful for me to serve I would like to do that."