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Why don’t you just cancel the bus service?

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It's good to see that not every sector of the economy is knee-capped by the "credit crunch". So hurrah for NHS Lothian who are advertising this exciting opportunity:

Job Title: Health Promotion Specialist: Physical Activity (Walking, City of Edinburgh)

Band 5: £20,225 - £26,123 per annum

Fixed Term – 3 Year Contract

Ref: CO/AL/094

An exciting and challenging opportunity has arisen to take forward work in Partnership with City of Edinbrugh Council and Paths to Health to increase physical activity levels of whose who live and work in Edinburgh through walking.

You will establish good working relationships with NHS Lothian, City of Edinburgh Council, Paths to Health and partner agencies to develop and implement an action plan to increase walking levels in Edinburgh.

You will have knowledge and experience working in a health promotion setting and have in-depth knowledge of the public health issue of physical inactivity. You will be employed by the Health Promotion Service and seconded to City of Edinbrugh [sic] Council Services for Communities department where you will be based within the local community planning team.

Your duties will include working with the local community planning team to identify priority areas of work on a locality level and working in partnership with the statutory and voluntary sector and implement a city-wide action plan to promote walking in Edinburgh.

If nothing else, could one ask that nonsense such as this be written in proper English? No further comment seems necessary.

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