Why Ed Balls doesn’t deserve to be compared to Gromit

Why Ed Balls doesn't deserve to be compared to Gromit
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Last week's cover of the Spectator featured Ed Miliband and Ed Balls drawn in the style of Wallace and Gromit by Peter Brookes. However, the image of the shadow chancellor as Gromit the dog has caused concern for one reader:

Balls is no Gromit

Sir: Your front cover illustration depicting Ed Miliband and Ed Balls as Wallace and Gromit (11 April) is only partially justified. In the animated film, Gromit is a quick-thinking and highly resourceful companion who rescues Wallace from difficult situations. On the available evidence, Ed Balls does not fit that description.

Frank Tomlin,

Billericay, Essex

Should Balls wish to make the case that he is a quick-thinker, Mr S advises him to send a letter of reply to

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