Melanie McDonagh

Why I’m not surprised that Prince Harry meditates

Why I'm not surprised that Prince Harry meditates
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Surprise! Prince Harry has let it be known that he meditates daily after being presented with a copy of Eight Steps to Happiness by a Buddhist monk, Kelsang Sonam. It is of a piece with his assertively detoxed marital masculinity which reportedly involves eating kale and doing yoga, and describing himself as a feminist, which he also did yesterday. Perhaps he also uses Gillette.

There’s obviously nothing wrong about meditating – Sister Wendy Beckett did it all the time – nor, I suppose, about eating kale, though I personally prefer eating pheasant. But let’s not go with the notion that there’s anything brave or interesting about all this; the Prince, like all the younger royals, is swimming right with the tide in being a meditating feminist who will undoubtedly let it be known that he changes his own child’s nappies. But you know what really would be counter cultural, brave and interesting, though? It would be if he let it be known that he said his prayers every night; you know, the Anglican sort: the Lord’s Prayer and things, like, I bet, the Queen does. That would be actually shocking. It’s unlikely to happen, though.