Charles Moore

Why I’m voting for the Conservatives today

Why I'm voting for the Conservatives today
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It would not normally be an act of great courage to vote Conservative in true-blue Sussex, but I feel I have to screw myself up to do so in the European elections this week, so great is the ill feeling here against the Tories for not achieving Brexit. Yet do it I will.

In extenuation, I would plead that I do sincerely wish the Tories ill in these unusual elections. My vote is not intended to help them in any way. It is just that Daniel Hannan is first on the Conservative candidates’ list, and so there is a chance, if opinion polls are right, that he will be the only one of his party elected. It would be most unjust if he were kicked out. I want him to be the righteous remnant.

This article is an extract from Charles Moore's Spectator notes, available in this week's magazine