Charles Moore

Why I will miss Paul Dacre

Why I will miss Paul Dacre
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I really will miss Paul Dacre when he steps down as editor of the Daily Mail. There have been times, I must admit, when I have attacked the Mail’s grotesque behaviour and stupefying hypocrisy, but the following are good and true points to be made about Paul. 1) He fully, properly edits, and his proprietor has the sense to let him do so. 2) He values good writers, and pays them accordingly. 3) He is brave, especially in not minding the disapproval of polite society; and this courage has enabled him to crash around in the china shop of political correctness at a satisfying decibel level. For us in Sussex, there may be a compensation for Paul’s departure. One of the large estates he has acquired by standing up for the ordinary people of Middle England over so many years lies close by. Now that he has time on his hands, I hope we shall see more of him.

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