Why was this lockdown sceptic’s video removed from YouTube?

Why was this lockdown sceptic's video removed from YouTube?
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Professor Karol Sikora is a rare voice of reason in these strange times. So why was a video featuring him discussing coronavirus taken down from YouTube? 

In the footage, the professor of medicine discussed evidence that coronavirus may be petering out and explained how Sweden – a country which resisted calls to go into lockdown – may not have a much different outcome from countries like Britain which did. 

Sikora also said fear of the virus could be having a worse effect than the virus itself. Nothing too controversial, you might think. But not so, according to YouTube, where the video briefly disappeared for 'violating guidelines'. It wasn't clear what rules were broken during the 30-minute video. On Twitter, Sikora said of the decision to remove the clip: 'I thought it was a measured discussion. We need to have a balance, that involves listening to differing opinions and not banning them.'

Thankfully, the video has now been reposted. But Mr S is confused why it disappeared in the first place...

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