Rod Liddle

Wikileaks: bang on the money

Wikileaks: bang on the money
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1. Prince Andrew is an arrogant berk.

2. Vladimir Putin is an “alpha dog”

3. Medvedev is his puppet.

4. David Cameron is lightweight.

5. Prince Charles commands next to no respect.

6. Angela Merkel is the only strong European leader.

7. Berlusconi is feckless, vain and ineffective and likes parties.

8. That Argie babe, Kirchner, is hysterical and should be on medication.

9. Sarkozy is ‘orrible.

10. Colonel Gaddafy is a bit odd.

I know it’s a bit embarrassing to have this stuff out in the open and, probably like most of you, I find the Wikileaks man Julian Assange a self important and potentially dangerous gimp. But those judgments, up above, from US diplomats – pretty much bang on, aren’t they? If not totally surprising……..