Peter Hoskin

Will Cable be selling the coalition’s cuts?

Will Cable be selling the coalition's cuts?
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Compared to the major affairs of state, David Cameron's decision to spend part of this summer touring the nation to sell the coalition and its spending cuts may seem but a trifle. Yet it's a good move nonetheless. After the obfuscations from all sides before the election, Osborne's Budget swept in a more upfront approach to cuts. Cameron's roadshow, you hope, will keep that going.

One thing to look out for is how Vince Cable gets on this summer. The Telegraph reports that he will also be involved in the coalition's big promotional drive, and will be holding his own public meetings during August. A recipe for trouble given Cable's singular approach to united government? Perhaps. But coalition types believe that they can still benefit from the Business Secretary's bruised, but unbroken, appeal with the public.