Will Prince Andrew fuel a republican boom?

Will Prince Andrew fuel a republican boom?
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So that’s that then. After years of claims and counter-claims, Prince Andrew has settled with Virginia Giuffre for an eight-figure sum thought to be in the region of £12 million. This, for a woman he said he had never met. Hmm. 

The humiliation for the disgraced royal isn’t over yet though: self-promoting Corbynista Rachel Maskell, the MP for York Central, has been quick today to demand his title as Duke of York be removed to avoid offence to the good people of God’s own county.

And it seems that Labour backbenchers aren’t the only critics to whom Andrew is giving succour. For pressure group Republic, which campaigns for the abolition of the monarchy, has seen an uptick in its fortunes in recent weeks. Chief executive Graham Smith told Steerpike that around 700 paying members have signed up in the past four weeks, with the group also seeing a surge in social media followers and those signing petitions. He said to Mr S that both Prince Andrew’s fall from grace and the ongoing saga of Harry and Meghan were fuelling such growth, adding: ‘It feeds into hostility for the royals and I think the settlement does huge damage to the royal family.’

Perhaps there’s no need for the Queen to worry about removing Andrew’s remaining royal titles. If this carries on, maybe they’ll be abolished for her.