Peter Hoskin

Will the blogosphere claim McBride’s scalp?

Will the blogosphere claim McBride's scalp?
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There's a storm brewing over No.10's, ahem, methods. One of Gordon Brown's chief enforcers, Damian McBride, has been caught sending emails which make "lurid suggestions" about top Tories, and which sound awfully like a smear campaign. The story makes the cover of the Telegraph, although the man who prompted it - and who has the emails in his possession - is the blogosphere's favourite son, Guido Fawkes.

All in all, McBride's actions leave a nasty taste in the mouth. And they hardly reflect well on a political class already mired in scandal. The official response is that the emails were "juvenile and inappropriate," and that no-one in Downing Street, "except the author," knew about them. Guido has already countered those claims, and it's well worth seeing if tomorrow's papers bring any further revelations. There could well be blood.