Will the Queen get her just desserts?

Will the Queen get her just desserts?
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Victoria sponge, cherries jubilee and coronation chicken: a trio of Britain's best loved foods, all of which share a monarchical theme. Each of these dishes was either created for a member of the Royal Family or to mark a royal occasion, with the three being respectively linked to Queen Victoria, her diamond jubilee in 1897 and finally our own current Queen's coronation in 1953. Now, as Her Majesty prepares to mark 70 years on the throne, the search is on to find an appropriately delectable dish to mark the Platinum Jubilee.

For today a call has gone out across the land for a 'Platinum Pudding' fit for a Queen. Backed by the Palace and run by longtime royal retailers Fortnum & Mason, the judging panel is headed by the culinary queen herself, Mary Berry. Steerpike wishes his readers the best of luck in entering, and while the odds of a Spectator subscriber winning are (statistically) slim, at least we've got the next best thing. For Mr S hears the idea is the brainchild of Ameer Kotecha, a Foreign Office mandarin and Spectator Life contributor. Good to know at least that some good ideas are still coming out of Whitehall...

And in light of the recent publication of 'Corridors of Flour' – the first Conservative party cookbook published for 30 years – Steerpike wonders if some of SW1's leading politicians will be getting in touch with their ideas too. For whether it's Boris Johnson's 'cakeism' or John Major's love of a good whip (preferably one laced with chocolate), who knows more about dough, tarts and consuming humble pie than the good men and women of Westminster?

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