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Wodehouse Primary 2.0

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I have already mentioned my suspicion that few PG Wodehouse fans are likely to endorse Hillary Clinton. It is unhealthy for a Presidential candidate to remind one of Honoria Glossop or Florence Craye so. Miss Glossop, you will remember, always wanted to mold a chap,

"I think" she said "I shall be able to make something of you, Bertie. It is true yours has been a wasted life up to the present, but you are still young, and there is a lot of good in you...It simply wants bringing out."

And it seems that Mrs Clinton is of similar mind. As she said in a speech in Austin in 1993:

"Let us be willing to remold society by redefining what it means to be a human being."

A Gawd-help-us moment if ever there was one.

(Thanks to commenter Jim C for the tip)

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