Peter Hoskin

Yet another poll for the mix

Yet another poll for the mix
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After the Ipsos MORI hullabaloo, it's tempting to treat the YouGov/Telegraph poll on Westminster voting intentions in Scotland with extreme caution.  But, for the record, here are the headline figures, and a hefty rise for Labour:

Labour --- 39 percent (up 9 points from August)

SNP --- 24 percent (down 2)

Conservatives --- 18 percent (down 2)

Lib Dems --- 12 percent (down 6)

As this fits in with another recent poll, it's safe to say that Labour have solidified their support in Scotland during and after the Glasgow North by-election.  And there's more discouraging news for the SNP: at 29 percent, support for Scottish independence is hardly overwhelming – even if it's practically unchanged since the last poll on the issue.

Going off conversations with both Tory and Labour people, the recent deluge of polls – and the more or less divergent results – may be a good thing for both sides.  For the Tories, it steels against complacency.  Whereas, for Labour, it could help to motivate their activists.  But, then again, they would both say that, wouldn't they?