Peter Hoskin

You couldn’t make it up | 11 May 2009

You couldn't make it up | 11 May 2009
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Today can't go by without a Coffee House mention for the Sun's front page story - about how a Downing St aide left a document outlining Gordon Brown's "make-up routine" in the back of a cab.  The paper have published full details, and we learn that our Dear Leader's slaps on "terracotta Guerlain" bronzer and "super-balanced" Clinique make-up, among other things.  To top it off, they're even running a competition to win one of "ten full sets of Gordon Brown’s emergency make-up kit".  Pardon the repeated pun, but you really couldn't make it up.

When we're mired in an economic crisis, and trust in Parliament is collapsing, a story like this may seem trivial.  It most probably is.  But it's still indicative of the wider problem that Brown faces at the moment.  All the coverage he's receiving is either mocking - like this today, or the reports of his YouTube expenses video - or highly censorious.  In the face of this perfect storm of ridicule and disgust, it will be near impossible for him to be taken seriously on any issue.  

So - you're saying - what's new?  CoffeeHousers haven't taken the man seriously for a while, if ever.  But the crucial point is that the Labour Party have.  The more front covers like that on today's Sun, the more that's going to be eroded, and they more they might think about drafting in a replacement.  Hm.  I'm sure Alan Johnson would look just fine without the foundation and false eyelashes...