Rod Liddle

Yup. The left’s problem is that it never ‘calls out’ bigotry

Yup. The left's problem is that it never 'calls out' bigotry
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What has the left been doing wrong? This is a question which has taxed many minds. But at last we have an answer – from the ever reliable Hadley Freeman of the Guardian. The first part of her paragraph below makes no grammatical sense whatsoever – but it’s the sentence I’ve put in italics that does it for me.

'Similarly, terms such as “mainstream media, or MSM” (translation: journalism I don’t like), “experts” (people who say things I don’t like) and “identity politics” (politics that don’t assume the primacy of straight white men) were redefined, while not-very-codified euphemisms such as “swarm” and “global order” continue to perpetuate racism and antisemitism. And the left let this happen, being too hesitant to call out prejudice, misogyny and total falsehood where they saw them. The left wasn’t able to match the right’s shamelessness and, in some corners, even bought their narrative.'

That’s right, isn’t it? The left is far too slow to call people racist or misogynist. That’s been the problem all along. Their reticence about calling people bigots, xenophobes, sexists etc. They NEVER do it. It’s about time they did!

You know, when I read this sort of doolally tripe, I have the feeling that 2017 might be even better than last year. They. Still. Don’t. Get. It.