Yvette Cooper fails to practise what she preaches

Yvette Cooper fails to practise what she preaches
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Yvette Cooper was the surprise star of PMQs today after she made the Prime Minister squirm with a stinging question about Theresa May's election U-turn:

‘The Prime Minister yesterday said she was calling a general election because Parliament was blocking Brexit. But three quarters of MPs and two thirds of the Lords voted for Article 50 – so that’s not true, is it. A month ago she told her official spokesman to rule out an early general election, and that wasn’t true either, was it.

She wants us to believe she is a woman of her word. Isn’t the truth that we cannot believe a single word she says?’

While her words appeared to do the trick in the Chamber, Mr S can't help but wonder: is Cooper herself a woman of her word? Steerpike couldn’t help but think back to Cooper’s own promises. Last year, she was one of a number of politicians and celebrities who volunteered to take refugees into their home:

‘If that’s what it took and that’s what was needed, then of course, I think lots of people would be.’

Although, as far as Mr S can tell, there are still refugees in need of a home, Cooper is yet to house one -- as she revealed in an interview on LBC:

NF: Have you taken your refugee in yet?

YC: Well, I think we should be offering sanctuary

NF: But have you taken yours yet?

YC: Yeah but I don’t think this is about… I’ve said from the start if people need homes we should be offering…

NF: Have you taken yours yet?

YC: If you listen to what the government’s said, they’ve said no they don’t want people to take them into their homes. What they want is to provide housing for the small number of Syrian refugees who have come over. Where I do think we should help and…

NF: Have you taken yours yet Yvette?

YC: No that’s what I said, because the government has said

If Cooper is to have any chance at the Labour leadership in future, Mr S suspects she ought to learn to lead by example...

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