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Under the influence

HRH the Prince of Wales’s two charities bearing his name rightly enjoy wide approval. Yet their work and the distinction between them is less than clear. The Prince’s Foundation, a remarkably influential minnow, its turnover around £3 million, promotes improvement in the quality of urban life, the regeneration of cities and the teaching of traditional

Bad for business

Travel warnings are bad for business The Kenyan foreign minister, Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, says that thousands are being laid off as a result of Britain’s ban on flights to Nairobi Nairobi About four months ago I was invited as Kenya’s new foreign minister to give a talk on the aims and goals of the new

Is Saddam in Russia?

In Moscow on 19 March a press conference was held at the headquarters of the Interfax news agency announcing the results of a Muslim/Christian peacemaking trip to Baghdad, which had taken place over the previous few days. Among the returning dignitaries reporting on the outcome were the Orthodox Bishop Feofan of Magadan and Sinegorsk and

I am a Tory to my toes

It is modestly flattering to find one’s views the subject of occasional comment by contributors to The Spectator. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is the latest to have a run at it (‘A question of loyalty’, 31 May). Perhaps I could assist future exegesis by setting out what my views actually are. First, I agree with Arthur Balfour

The noble feat of Nike

Globalisation – otherwise known as ‘ruthless international capitalism’ – is enriching the world’s poor, says Johan Norberg Nike. It means victory. It also means a type of expensive gym shoe. In the minds of the anti-globalisation movement, it stands for both at once. Nike stands for the victory of a Western footwear company over the

Why I quit teaching

I was on holiday when I read about my resignation as headmaster of St Edmund’s. ‘Head quits over Labour policies’ read the headline. It came as quite a surprise. I knew I had resigned, but didn’t think anyone would be interested. Then the story was mentioned on breakfast TV. A national paper took up the

The great pretender

Later this summer, on 2 August, Tony Blair’s government will reach its most significant milestone yet. It will become the longest-serving Labour government in history, surpassing the record of six years and three months held by Clem Attlee between July 1945 and October 1951. There is no denying the magnitude of the achievement. Tony Blair